Ozone Therapy Overview

The medical use of ozone (O3) was discovered over 150 years ago. Acclaimed scientists and inventors Werner von Siemens and Nikola Tesla pioneered the first ozone generators for medical purposes in the 19th Century. During World War I, ozone was widely used to treat rampant infections due to trench warfare. In the interwar era and after World War II, medical ozone use became widespread in Germany and other countries. In the last ten years, the number and quality of clinical studies has increased dramatically, leading to a better understanding of ozone therapy and driving increasing interest from patients and practitioners.

Ozone is a strong antioxidant with a broad range of concentration and dose dependent effects that can be harnessed for medical purposes. A considerable body of clinical evidence from randomised clinical trials supports increasing adoption of ozone therapy for a range of indications.

Evidence-based Indications

  • acute moderate cerebral infarction
  • chronic severe hepatitis B infection
  • knee osteoarthritis
  • femoral head osteonecrosis
  • herniated disc / discogenic sciatica
  • trigeminus neuralgia
  • herpes Zoster associated pain
  • diabetic foot
  • radiation proctitis
  • dental mouth wash for disinfection

As a low-cost non-pharmacological mode of therapy, ozone is truely remarkable.

Major Autohemotherapy

Major Autohemotherapy

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Minor Authemotherapy

Minor Authemotherapy

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Pain Management

Pain Management

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